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FRSQ Awards and Grants

Welcome to our English-language site.

Please note, however, that all applicants for funding must continue to apply, online, from our French home page, since for the time being most of our documentation and forms exist only in French.

In order to assist English-speaking applicants with filling out application forms, we are pleased to now provide English versions of some documents, available directly from the French site or from the following lists:

Programs and Forms

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- 2014-2015

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Clinical Research:
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Septembre 29, 2014
Neuroscience for Mental Health seminars : Xavier Roucou, Direct detection of alternative open reading frames translation products in human significantly expands the proteome. Example of dual coding genes in neurodegenerative disorders 
October 1st, 2014
Séminaire de l'IRSPUM : Florence Jusot, Inequality of Opportunity in Health and the Principle of Natural Reward: Evidence from European Countries 
Octobre 6, 2014
Séminaire de l'IRSPUM : Nicolas Sirven, Dynamique du recours à l'hôpital des personnes âgées en Europe